Petr Cech (1)


Good, now it’s time to retire for the sake of Arsenal!


I think he’s admitting he’s done at the top level.


Luckily, he doesn’t play in the best league in the world…


Another position that’s going to need filling in the next transfer window.

It’s a good job Wenger isn’t the man who is going to be choosing our new first choice GK.


It needed filling 3 transfer windows ago tbh


It’s quite normal for Wenger to wait at least two or three seasons for a GK, or any player, to prove how inept he is :wink:

Almunia, Fabianski, Szczesney etc were all given several seasons before being moved on.

Persisting with under performing players is what has got Wenger into this mess, and what a mess it is.


We kind of knew it was time, but he is more frequently confirming it for us… not our biggest problem, but one that needs solving this summer, one way or another.


I naively thought even though he was likely in decline that he would at least have some impact as a leader or organiser that would add some benefit to our defence. I know Terry was always the leader at Chelsea but I always felt like Cech was a presence and he had influence and respect there. We’ve just seen nothing like that here. Maybe a bit at the beginning but he’s just another fuck-up Arsenal player now.


Cech was a great GK in one of the best organised defences in Europe.

He is now at a club where the manager sees defensive coaching as an occupational hazard.

Although Cech clearly isn’t the player he was, the fact our defence is a shambles doesn’t do much to enhance his reputation.




WOWWWW :open_mouth:


WOW! It’s gonna snow tomorrow! :rofl:








Now people can shut the fuck up about it. :slight_smile:


The end is near. Nice knowing you all.




He can retire on a high now