Petr Cech (1)


Yeah @Burgundy you caught an L with this one lol


He’ll save us 15 points a season though…


Fair play Petr :clap:


Get lost Cech. Agent paid by Chelsea to fuck us over.









I really wanted him when we signed him even though he was past his very best. Thought he would of been more of a leader and had more say in organising our defence out. Been very few signs of that and the mistakes have been just become a little nore frequent aided by a disorganised defence.


Isn’t he still fairly high up in the clean sheets table for this season? We have rolled over a fair few teams to nil at home, as fits our flat track bully reputation. It would be good if they did a stat for keepers which compares the amount of good chances they let in compared to half chances etc


Not really clear for keepers but if De Gea or Kroos are at the top it’s good enough for me


That’s a reasonable defence for him then, stats fans, depending on how full your glass is :smile:: he’s letting in pretty much the amount of chances that he should be, relative to the quality of chance. So he’s no Ben Foster, but equally he’s miles away from De Gea, the standard to which we should be aiming

Interesting measure anyway, look how Forster, Butland and Lloris are all way down the list! :open_mouth:


haven’t seen any of the highlights from todays game yet but seems as if he made another mistake, I was really excited when we signed him from Chelsea a few years ago because we finally had a world class keeper again, but looking back now he even made mistakes in his first match against West Ham


I dunno, it feels like he has been waiting for his 200th clean sheet for about 3 years!


This to compare Cech to previous seasons

Also worth noting, goalkeepers tend to leave Arsenal and improve. Fabianski is similar.

Alisson, looks to be the main target of Liverpool at the moment.




His worst season for Arsenal then - and certainly below his level at Chelsea - but also not awful and far from our most pressing problem at present. He has a disorganised defence ahead of him that are giving him way too much xG to have to deal with in the first place


Wanted to stay in London to collect his pension so we got him.


For Chelsea he played for a team that was the best organised defence possibly in Europe and was protected a lot by the defenders in front of him.
He was also in his prime, which he clearly isn’t here.

It’s strange to think that when Wenger’s only signing in the transfer window a few seasons ago was Cech, and ignored all the other positions, a lot of us thought he was a great signing.

I thought he would give our defence more stability, I didn’t think he would do the opposite.



I actually think Cech has been having a decent season, lol.


Posted all these and forgot the best one :grinning:


Wonder if this fossil ever gets his 200th clean sheet :rofl: