Peter Hill-Wood


RIP :cry:


An integral part of our Highbury history ends here then. RIP.


Sad news. My only memory of him when I was growing up was on Football Manager. RIP Peter Arsenal legend


Whatever about his latter years as Chairman and the disconnect that appeared between him and fans he and his family were true custodians of The Arsenal for decades.



Hope he was comfortable as he went. RIP


RIP Peter, thanks for your service towards arsenal!


RIP. No matter your opinion, he gave a lot to the club.




84 years as club custodians across 3 generations, it really was the end of an era in 2013, not just for Arsenal but more broadly, symbolically for English football.

I think selling to the Kroenke franchise machine has proven and will continue to be a grave mistake that will hold us back years if not decades now, but during those 84 years they enabled the success on which our modern club is founded so you can’t argue their legacy


The Hill-Wood name has been Arsenal for as long as I can remember and were the reason for us being the biggest club long before these other upstarts like ManUre, Liverpool, City, Chavs, and the like came along. They were all floundering around in the Second Division, while we were always cruising in the top flight.

Rest in peace, and thank you for The Arsenal.