Perry Groves

Well done to Perry on speaking about this and getting clean


Groves was part of the Graham team that won the title at Liverpool but like so many of those players, drinking was part go the culture.
Along with Merson and Adams, they had real drink problems so it’s good to see they all managed to eventually sort themselves out.

For anyone who hasn’t read it, his autobiography is one of the best and funniest books by any player, regardless of what team you support.


Yea his book is a great read.

I did a legends tour of the Emirates with him more than ten years ago and he came across as a really nice bloke.

Very glad to hear he got help and is doing well.

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I’ll add a third recommendation on his autobiog, definitely one if the better ones I’ve read.

I remember seeing him with a couple of mates on the train to London, he lives near me here in Essex. They were off to the cricket and sat on the floor between them were two crates of beer, which they were already tucking into.

Admitting your weaknesses is a brave act and I applaud Perry.