Pepe (not that one)

Title updated :sunglasses:

If there are any players called Gabriel Pepe out there, I’d imagine that would be enough to trigger a bid from us.

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What other Pepe did we have apart from Nico?
Or is this about the Pepe the Portuguese Psychopath?

I kinda wish it was Portuguese Psychopath Pepe we were after

We’ve already bought another Vieira, we’re after another Diaby and now another Pepe.
What next, Henry from Brentford and Sanchez from Brighton? :grinning:

Just imagine the terror Mr Nicolas has brought upon us for the thread to be named not that one

EMAD reporting it too now

Doesn’t say how much we bid, Porto want us to pay his release clause, which is €70m lol

But EMAD isn’t a legit source man! Haven’t you heard?!

Even beyond his name being Pepe, this guy looks shit.

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Once bitten twice shy comes to mind

Tell me Pepe, do you recognise me

Can we just farm the rest of their midfielders instead?

Pepe, Pino, get the fuckoutatinho.