Pep Guardiola

I really doubt he thought about Arteta and us at all lol



This guy has given so many players a career it’s insane.

The level of his current and former players when they play for other clubs or the national teams is so poor.

Anyone in particular you’re referring to?

Prime example was always Otamendi for me but the World reminded me of that. Almost every City player I’ve seen so far in the World Cup has been incredibly underwhelming.
Just the game before, Cancelo, Dias and Silva looked very poor.

I know it’s not uncommon for players to not perform as well for their national team but with City players it feels rare to see a player of their carry their form over.

It highlights how important Pep is to City really. Sucks we’ll have to deal with him for another 2.5 years.

I think standard of coaching for their respective teams has much to do with it but yeah he no doubt has them playing at the best of their abilities

Otamendi was always a bozo though


I do wonder how the transition would’ve been for Zinchenko and Jesus had Arteta not been here.

Impeccable, if we had Wenger.

I don’t actually think we get Zinny or Jesus if we don’t have Arteta.

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Yep, yep.
Bernardo I excuse but Cancelo and Dias can’t seem tonever replicate their club form at international level.

Especially with Dias, He’s supposed to be carrying that defence but it was Pepe doing that instead.


Pepe carried them right out of the world cup lol

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It’s a hall of shame for City players.

They had the most representatives in this World Cup from the PL and now only the English players are left.
We’ll see if that changes tonight.

Pep’s system won Spain the Euros and World Cup… they replicated it in 2008 and 2010. But of course it helps when half the team was playing under Pep at Barcelona.

See, I think that Pep was different from the one now.

Back then Pep wasn’t the star of the show. It was Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Pique, Pedro, Villa, etc.

I think a big reason Pep left was to leave the shadow of being carried by that Barca team. Unfortunately(or fortunately for some), it is still haunting him as that was the last team he won the big one(CL).

Pep’s teams nowadays have no bigger stars than the guy himself. We’ll see if that changes with Haaland, I don’t think it has yet.

This is a long shot really

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No, it wasn’t! Pep Guardiola wasn’t even a head coach in 2008.

You’re right. He definitely was in 2010. His first season, he coached Barcelona was 08/09. The Spain system in 2010 was copy/paste of the Barcelona system. Alba, Puyol, Pique, Busquests, Xavi, Iniesta, Villa and Fabregas all Barca players in the starting 11 for Spain. With Pedro a regular impact sub.

I think @Bergkamp10GOAT meant to say 2010 and 2012.

Those teams had heavy Barca influence.

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