Pep Guardiola

I really doubt he thought about Arteta and us at all lol



This guy has given so many players a career it’s insane.

The level of his current and former players when they play for other clubs or the national teams is so poor.

Anyone in particular you’re referring to?

Prime example was always Otamendi for me but the World reminded me of that. Almost every City player I’ve seen so far in the World Cup has been incredibly underwhelming.
Just the game before, Cancelo, Dias and Silva looked very poor.

I know it’s not uncommon for players to not perform as well for their national team but with City players it feels rare to see a player of their carry their form over.

It highlights how important Pep is to City really. Sucks we’ll have to deal with him for another 2.5 years.

I think standard of coaching for their respective teams has much to do with it but yeah he no doubt has them playing at the best of their abilities

Otamendi was always a bozo though


I do wonder how the transition would’ve been for Zinchenko and Jesus had Arteta not been here.

Impeccable, if we had Wenger.

I don’t actually think we get Zinny or Jesus if we don’t have Arteta.

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