Pedro Neto


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I would be quite surprised if we can get a young player off a PL club without spending a minimum of 50m. The market is crazy.

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Maybe we can work Maitland-Niles into the deal?

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Interesting, doesn’t sound like it’ll happen at all though.

We can’t spend and wolves won’t sell, soooooo err, thanks David lol

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He’s in my fantasy team and I already have 3 Arsenal players. FPL would force me to transfer one out!

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Neto signed for Wolves in 2019, so I presume he is in year 4 of his 5-year contract.
Maybe the fear of transfer saga next season can open up some possibilities.

Would be great to add another player that can stick the ball in the back of the neto


I think this is a smokescreen for another winger.

Signing Neto for some extortionate amount that it doesn’t sound like we can afford and then benching him behind Saka does not sound like the kind of operating we’ve seen from Edu and Arteta so far.

Wouldn’t be surprised if we’re about to complete on Mudryk or someone like that


He signed a new deal until 2027 recently so that part makes it harder.

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Well, we did want Raphinha.
Clearly the club wants to step up the competition in the wide positions. Neto can play both left and right equally well.

True, but Raphinha was before we had spent £110m this summer and we obviously didn’t want to spend more than like £35-£40m on him, certainly nowhere near the £60m he went for.

Wolves are going to want something stupid like £60m+ for him and he has the contract length for them to demand it so I think this one is dead in the water.

Saka has been poor this season maybe its good he gets benched for a bit so he doesn’t play every game

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We don’t know what we were planning to spend on him or if it was dependent on the other moves.

I also think it’s a tough operation but it certainly aligns well with what we’re hearing about bringing top quality.
Raphinha made even less sense considering he isn’t as versatile, Neto fits the bill even more imo.

We know Neto is a gooner so hopefully he pushes Wolves to consider the offer.

I guess we’ll see. Regardless, I am very happy the club is showing true ambition here.

Neto is young and looks decent from what I’ve seen but I think somewhere in the 50m range for him isn’t unrealistic even with the market like it is. He hasnt had a massive season in his career yet.

Surely now we have moved a few guys on and have a few more likely to go we can push to spend in this range.

If we did this deal then we really only need to make the odd addition here and there for the next few seasons provided we arent selling any of our core group.


How much are people willing to spend on him? Not that it’s your money but just for the sake of it act like you care. :rofl:

  • <=£40m
  • <=£50m
  • <=£60m
  • <=£70m
  • <=£80m

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He should hand in a transfer request