Patrick Vieira

Lol reminds me of when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars and then a couple days later in the NRL (rugby league) a player also named Will Smith makes a mistake and the commentator goes: “it’s been a terrible week for Will Smith” :joy::rofl:


It would be a nice touch by Arsenal to invite him to the game and hand him an Arsenal scarf


They’ve been poor but they’re something like the 3rd lowest spenders in the league and it shows

Investment hasn’t been there and it seemed like he overachieved last season from what he had at his disposal.

There are no dependable goal scorers in that frontline

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Deserves a lot more than a scarf :wink: (but I catch your drift)

I think he got sacked now because Palace didn’t want him to hand Arsenal the title :upside_down_face:

Vieira always seemed like the type of guy who would be happy to play a part on derailing us tbh lol


I love that confidence this morning!

We are not in control of anything concerning our football club so I’d rather laugh than cry :slightly_smiling_face:

We did sign a petition not to sign Lee Bowyer at our grand old club once tbf :wink:

Patrick sacked on St. Patrick’s. Sad.


Earned sacking they look and play terrible but it isn’t a great squad.


Hardly a window that’s going to help you out.

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How easy he always made this look


That high tackle by Keane on Vieira was idiotic.
Ferguson knew that roughing up our players, as he put it, was the only way to beat us.

Some dedication to find nearly six minutes worth of him doing just one skill, he’s had to source all of that footage himself surely lol

Vieira was so good on the ball, combine that with his stature, strength and mentality, you’ve got one of the most fearsome midfielders going. He’d eat this current Premier League crop of midfielders alive.

France must have enjoyed watching both Vieira & Zidane balling it out in their games.

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