Paris Saint-Germain Vs Arsenal (CL)

  • PSG win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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Bellerin Koscielny (?) Mustafi Monreal

Xhaka Cazorla

Iwobi Ozil Sanchez


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I would be tempted to drop Iwobi for Giroud and move Lucas to the wing

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Yeah, he looked better as winger than CF.

We’re still a long way off the pace, I reckon we’re going down hard. A clear two or three goals.

I actually think he looked good upfront tbh but I would like to see him play with Giroud. :slight_smile:

We need to start playing football real soon . Be good if it was this game !

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They’ve got seven points from four just like us, having lost and drawn their last two, so I’m hoping that the same could be said for them. Haven’t seen them play so couldn’t possibly say.

I’ve not got the best feeling about this game though either. Not looking forward to having di Maria probing our defence.

At least at the moment it looks like it might be a different proposition from playing them in the past couple of seasons when they had Zlatan.

Christ that’s pretty lousy in a league they practically own.

Iwobi and Alexis absolutely have to start, totally different entities to Theo and Ox.

I’d take a draw. It’s one of those games in which it would be perfectly ok to at least not lose.

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This type is match is too big for Iwobi. Theo is better equipped to deal with a match this important.

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Without a doubt.


Gutted at missing the opportunity to see this match at the Parc des princes, going back to Paris a week after the game…well another time perhaps.

They’re as rusty as us at the moment, so it’d be a close matchup.

Alexis should be able to really run at them. Would like to not get embarassed. It’s a low bar, I know.

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Just go there and fk them up.


Ive got a feeling we will come away with a 1-1 draw or something from this which would be a great result.

Iwobi was our best player vs Barcelona away last season. Has nerves of steel this boy.


I don’t know about you guys but it’s clear to me that we’re going to lose this 8-0, sanchez and Ozil will get done in for drug abuse, Trump wins the election and bombs Iran, Brexit goes through and I get deported with all the Romanians, a new strain of Spanish flu breaks out and wipes out half the European population and The Grand Tour flops massively making Chris Evans even more smug the ginger cunt.

Worst season ever.

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Xhaka and Alexis start and we should be a different team. Dito with Iwobi. Do we go for Perez who has started poorly or Giroud who offers no penetration?

Wouldn’t mind seeing an Iwobi, Özil, Alexis, Perez front 4. Xhaka to partner Santi and normal back 5.