Pablo Marí


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Should have signed Terri Mardi, disappointed


him playing against liverpool

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Sweet we made a signing!

With Salah on the other wing

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I’m guessing this is a joke, but I don’t get it?

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I’m all for signing guys for depth, but I think a CB particularly needs to be better than what we have. Obviously, Mustafi is a bar a Dachshund can trot over however, I’d like the next acquisition to be in the mould of Saliba; young, loads of potential, experienced enough that he is a starter.

If they’ve identified him as a potentially cheap option and he totally works for Arteta’s system, fine, but the CM or two we bring in during the summer need to absolutely be two steps above what we have right now.


He’ll surely be on low wages and low fee as well, so it’s a low risk medium reward type thing I guess.


Ultimately this is the kind of sign of a lot of us are crying out for when we say surely there has to be players out there somewhere.

Hope it works out and I fully trust Arteta who will have known this player from his time at City.

On paper it makes more sense than that Ukrainian kid.


What is our scouts doing if Arteta has to dig into his city info

I really want to see the ‘bright side’ of this signing as it would mean we don’t have to see Mustafi and Luiz, but this guy at age 26 has only two seasons of top level experience. The rest was segunda division. Of those two season one was in the Eredivisie and one in Brazil. I can’t even remember him playing in the Netherlands so that isn’t positive either lol. This doesn’t seem like it’s going to work out of Arsenal…

@Castiel does this make more sense than that Ukrainian kid? He is under 25 so presumbly still has more growth than this guy, but comparable if not more experience.

Tim Stillman is very knowledgeable on Brazilian football and actively follows it.

For the price it seems a bargain. COYG


And he is saying we would be basically signing a back up…again we need to get rid of Mustafi. But this signing doesn’t fill me with a lot of confidence.

Swapping the BASTARD for this guy seems a good idea.

I think it does, a Spanish left footed CB playing in Brazil sounds like a profile Arteta might be after- especially when you consider the City connection.

I’m hopeful Arteta has given this the green light and it’s the first of many of his own signings. We seen the chaos that happens when Emery had Sven signings, Raul signings, our team looked so disconnected and stitched together.

What I’m trying to say is that even though Arteta is only head coach I hope he’s forceful in pursuing his own players that will play the kind of football he wants from his system. I’m not saying this kid is that, but I hope he is.

With Holding, Chambers, Sokratis, Luiz, Mustafi, Mavropanos & Saliba in our books, do we really think we will go big for a CB in summer, especially if we buy another center back?

We will trim the that on that list I would guess.

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I’m kind of doubtful that connection means anything in this case tbh. of the three years he was under contract there, he was loaned out every season. What would Arteta actually know of him?

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Because Pep and Arteta are footballing physcopths, I’m sure they were well versed in what players were in their youth and loan systems.


It wasn’t a good one, on reflection. Terri mardi is a punjabi insult meaning “your mother’s…” normally followed by a part of the female anatomy. Not sure what possessed me to post that. Inauspicious way to usher in being 31. Already fucked up my whole year.