Other Teams Kit Thread

yeah that Chelsea kit is actually disgusting and just as @Phoebica said it looks like a pajama top

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I’m always right Luke. Stick with me.

@JakeyBoy will get this reference. I’m Brooke, and you’re Mouth. :grin:

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also what player is actually modelling the kit, don’t recognise him

Are Liverpool getting a new sponsor then as that doesnt have one.


I like this

Just no :sob:


Always preferred Peyton! Brooke was just a proper slut and while yeah free country just calm down a bit you bastard.

I’m getting northwest rugby league teams away kits of the 2000s vibes.

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What shit. Looks like an experimental Football League kit.



Strong! I like it

They got Thomas Gravesen to do the release promo :joy: :joy:

Cringe overload. You’re Everton not fucking Real Madrid.

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No more cringe than having adidas release an ad for Arsenal featuring their captain talking about fighting for the badge…only to quit the next week.

reminds me of the advert for a bank, can’t remember which one though

Chelsea have 2 absolutely disgusting kits for the new season

I do like that carolina blue. The sponsor really ruins it. There are some mockups of shirts with a wordmark “Three” instead of the logo and it looks clean AF.

Looks like a set of summer PJ’s.