Other Teams Kit Thread


“Our future is rooted on our history” then it sounds as if they will be terrible for way more years to come


Ayr United have decided to announce their away kit in a very different way… (NSFW)

Every team should do this :wink:


The colour will run in the wash.


we should get Robbie from arsenal fan tv to model our new kit like that


Funniest thing you’ve ever posted that hahaha





^^^^^^ Limp wristed gheyness to full effect!




Hajduk Split’s 3rd is pretty cool. The club was founded in 1911 so anyone who donate 1,911 Kuna to the club (about $300) got their name printed on the shirt as part of the design.


Wycombes new goalkeeper jerseys.


he doesn’t look to happy


I actually like the pink one though, even though it looks like baby clothes


I actually love the yellow/fluorescent green one. Shame they didn’t go for a nice shade of pink on the other one.


The early nineties called and asked specifically for Jorge Campos to be the designer!



Why in the name of the queens panties couldn’t Puma make that kit for us instead?


That is Newcastle’s third kit, their away kit is blue - though not quite as hideous as ours. I prefer the black one. Puma need to get their away kit cap on for next season!


Our third top is better.

Newcastle’s away is blue like us


Wasn’t it a 3 year term with Puma? Our last this year?


Man United’s third kit. Designed by a fan.