Other Teams Kit Thread


The answers I get in work get better each year on this. The wife wants him to have it for facebook is a standard one now.


Fuck my life our society truly is dying a slow death.

@cristo and @Trion stop the train I want to get on with you


Haha holy fuck that’s nuts!

The wife wants her son to have the full kit to brag about it on fb? Fuck me, full communism needed ASAP haha


Poorly made free kits for everyone!

Tbf I think our kit would look pretty cool if you replaced Fly Emirates with a hammer and sickle :grin:


Cristo Baader?


Every free kit comes with a bowl of brown gruel, what a deal


Then what are you doing in England. Come back to communism Denmark asap.


I don’t know about that my dude. You know that if you buy junior the knock off shirt there’s going to be a group of little jerks with the real McCoy giving him/her loads of shit about having the fake version.

Not that it’s a good reason to drop $165 to be a full kit wanker, but it may be cheaper than a lifetime of therapy from getting teased at school. :arteta:


My point was that kids won’t know the difference. The last couple of jerseys I bought were knock off. I didn’t know the difference. As long as it doesn’t say Rasenal instead of Arsenal or something fucking ridiculous it’s all good.


I’d disagree with that. From primary school onwards kids with knockoff shit got absolutely rinsed.


The level of knock off has clearly risen the last number of years. As the rest of my post alluded to.


I don’t really agree. Kids are sad little cunts with nothing going on in their lives, they have the time to devote to pointless shit like being able to spot knockoff gear. The amount of time and energy they will devote to finding a way to rinse other kids is basically unlimited.

I wouldn’t assume that you not being able to tell the difference means others can’t.


Lel yeah. My parrents got me a fake ass Juve kit in Italy(17 Trezeguet). Everytime i wore it the same old abuse and questioning for wearing a clearly fake kit would go on. Kids really are aware of that :joy:


Maybe Irish kids are just sounder or something. :slight_smile:


Would never wear a fake kit. Even as a kid I would never wear one.


Mr. High standards :mustafi:


I bought a Chinese knock-off 2014 Germany away kit. No shame. :laca:


See @shamrockgooner

Kids know.


Seriously? Your source is @Calum?

No offence like.


:disappointed: I’m hurt sham ngl