Other Teams Kit Thread


Some banging goals though. Never forget Van Bronckhorst 35 yards out from the left byline.


Southampton seen our new home. Said hold my beer and came back with this

Get in the sea.


Watford’s new home top is different than usual.

Dont mind it tbf.


Wow - I like that! Adidas here we come.


That pic reminds me of deadline day, fuckin sky and their brainwashing :gabriel:


Liverpool’s away kit


Even New Balance are better than Puma ffs.


People were pining for us to change to them too. Everything this club touches turns to shit.


That top is so renford rejects.

We’ll go down the drain for you.


Goalkeeper for me :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Take the kits off and I’ll vote.

At the end of the day these models have nothing to offer but pussy.


FFS, Atalanta always getting the generic concept kits from Joma. CAN’T WAIT TILL ADIDAS SO THEY CAN RETRO US, CUNTS.

First or the GK, I’m not a picky man :per:


Jesus Christ they are all equally stunning


Third kit for me :iwobi:


Wheres the kits :heart_eyes:


Simple design makes for great kit


Better than anything they’ve done for us


The kits or the girls or both?:giroud:


These two have gone in with their kits this season. Love the Napoli home and Juve 3rd kit


I don’t think there is a Juventus top that I have never not liked. That third top is class!