Other Teams Kit Thread


City home


Bayern’s new kit is nice…



That’s a super nice Bayern kit!


I picked up a retro Italy kit from some stall in Brick Lane over the weekend. It’s the 96-97 home shirt with Maldini on the back.



Can’t wait for Adidas lads.


That Bayern kit is lush.


Not a fan of juve’s new top

Leicester have a cracker


MUFC away. yeah it’s pink



looks like a fucking bib!

:arteta: :arteta:


Looks like they put in their home kit with the whites in the wash


That’s a pink Mini Milk.


I’m not against pink on principle, but that is truly horrible haha


Yeah, defo looks like they left a red sock in their white wash

If you’re going to do pink, do it properly


Juve had a class pink away that shade United have tho.


I know. I didn’t like that one either.

Their current away kit is lush though. Yellow.


That is fucking awful haha


Printer error insert new cartridge :joy::joy::joy:


Then set on fire preferably with a molotov



Wasn’t that the problem with the jabulani thing at the south Africa world cup?

Too few panels meaning the ball went all over the place leading to shite football?