Other Clubs' Transfers

Think he definitely is. Really need too remember the 5 sub rule next season and how much depth you need for that.

Who’s gonna pay that for him?

Not like it’s £30mil plus

That’s a pittance in the PL and I’d imagine his wages are fairly low too


Cornet offers cover in a variety of different positions. Would be an important asset to the team and he’s got the quality to make a difference from the bench too.

Like @Stroller said, the 5 sub rule makes a big difference we need the quality to make the most of it. No use in having 5 subs if we haven’t got 5 worthwhile players on the bench


A Sven ID’d telent - Arsenal should be on this guy

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Worst kept secret of the season.

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Bentancur option not being taken then?

Edit: Just realised he was a permanent signing

Romero is a monster CB with such a high ceiling. He’s genuinely too good to be at Spurs.

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I do wonder if Spurs will be active in the market.
I think they’ll moreso try to make smart signings now to maintain their place rather than push on.

Will be interesting to see how Conte takes that.
If PSG send signals that they’re open to do business I think he’ll go. Poch will then come the other way back to Spurs.

They’ll have to otherwise Conte will be telling everyone how big a Cunte Levy is all summer.


That’s a good signing for somebody. 17.5m is a snip. You can find Championship wingers being touted for around that.

He’d do damage atva team like Southampton or Brighton.

Too predictable.
Glad we got Ben when we could. Raya or Bobby Sanchez are in shortlist too.

If they’re spending this much on Kounde and they’re also going for other players, are we looking at another £200+m spent by Chelsea in a summer?

Fucking joke…

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This is as untrue a rumour as you can get. I have no doubt they have a strong interest in him but they don’t even have a license to run past May 31 atm and the sale of the club has been held up. They don’t have an owner to pump money in and the debt level is too high. No bank is going to borrow Chelsea money when their current owner is subject to worldwide sanctions

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@Phoebica fake-me signing for an authoritarian-backed club. Devastated. The real me would never.

idno but I hope they don’t get him, he’s been stellar for them, such a talent. Only thing maybe is that idno if his height would be an issue in the PL.

You’d have to cut your hair. Maybe get a Mohican or something to distinguish yourself from him.

I think he needs to cut his hair. I’m not throwing in the towel first.

Chelsea need to replace several of their outgoing players, especially in defence.

They also have a problem with the lack of goals so might want to replace Werner or Lukaku, which won’t be cheap.

It just depends on how much investment their new owners are going to make.

Their supporters hate it when people call them an oil rich club with a sugar daddy and they answer by saying they are big enough to be self sustaining.

We’ll let’s see how far you get with that :grinning: