Other Clubs' Transfers

Wasn’t Mazraoui very highly rated at one point?

Nah. K don’t think he was a standout player for Ajax, st least from the outset.
Just a solid player versatile player.
I don’t think his standing changed. Hest still useful at Bayern but he’s pretty expendable.

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I stand corrected! I thought he was out of contract this summer, it’s next year.

You didn’t answer my question:

Who is the other dutchman you are referring to? You thinking (EDIT) Barca sign Kimmich, which means FDJ becomes available?

Chelsea signing another Brazilian wonderkid.
Let me guess, he’s right back so he must be the next Cafu?

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A kid, yes.
Wonderkid, time will tell.

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I find it ironic that he’s replacing Ospina.

Need Ramsdale to replace him in a couple years and club to be renamed Al Nassr de ex-Arsenal.


We cannot allow this.

Crazy that they’ve got De Ligt and Kim Min-jae on their books and both guys have largely been disappointing.

Upamecano is absolutely dog shit.

Crazy that they have spent some serious money on CBs over the last few years and don’t have a single high quality and reliable CB to call upon.

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It feels like they’ve been diving into the market every year for a defender(/s) and they keep getting progressively worse.

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Tah looks like a shit signing to me as well. Huge and decent enough on the ball but not very mobile and has benefited a lot recently from playing in the middle of a three. I can’t see it working well in a four man backline with a Bayern side that usually plays very high risk aggressive football.

It weakens Chelsea though? Doesn’t it?

Plus if we want a left-sided CB, we surely still want to go for Hato don’t we?

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Duran to Chelsea.
Chelsea fans fuming. :rofl:

They went from Osimhen, to Gyokeres, back to Osimhen, then to Sesko and now landed on Duran.

I kinda get it because they’ve been begging for a proven striker and they’re ending up with another project one.


Another one with good ability/potential on FM and 11 goals/3 assists in 36 league games is fairly good for a 21 year old right winger, albeit he played a lot of 90 minute games so only a goal involvement every 224 mins

More spending


Yet Villa are being forced to sell…

If only Villa had some hotels they could sell to themselves…


Good player


Damn that would be a good buy for them

Who’s the player and what club ?