Other Clubs' Transfers

I was thinking about this question initially in relation to our own business but maybe it deserves to be in this thread:

Who are the 10 best, realistically transferable attacking players this summer? I mean strikers, wingers, or attacking midfielders who are truly likely to move, not players whose clubs have no intention of selling them but could do if somebody offered an outrageous sum. Also, forget about Mbappe or somebody like Salah who would only be moving to Saudi Arabia if he leaves, since they are special categories and not really in the mix for normal European big clubs.

Nico Williams

Honestly that is a really shit list compared to past summer transfer windows.


That’s a rough list but even then you’d probably put Osimhen, Gyokeres and Williams in “stupid money” territory because of the clubs they’d be coming from. None of those three clubs sell cheap.

I’ve seen reports that Tuchel sees him as a #6.

This is exactly what United need though. A hard reset with most of the star players leaving. Reinvesting the cash into players who are younger and hungrier.


Bruno? That can’t be right.

Tuchel wanted Palhinha, they were also linked to Zubimendi, and he has fought with Kimmich over not being disciplined enough positionally. No way he wants Bruno as a 6.


What in the money laundering is going on here?

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Can we make a 5 year loan?

Where do we think these 2 will end up?

Good players but big injury risks


Should’ve put this in his thread.
Apparently Newcastle are torn between him and Mamardashvili.

I would take him here.

Can play left 8 or even be another false 9 type for us. Wouldn’t be automatic starter though so he wouldn’t come.

Looks like Modric may be going. He’s desperate to stay but it appears Madrid want to keep one of Kroos and Modric and currently Kroos has the nod.

Saudi is the obvious destination if he wanted to cash in but I can envision he’ll have plenty of interest in Europe still.

I wonder if any top PL clubs will take a punt on him. A few years back I would say this is a typical Man Utd move.

Is his deal up? Or they gonna be looking for a fee?

I know his legs are gone but damn I’d still do it for a year or two.

Back to spurs probs

Contract expiring.

High-key there’s a bit of a managerial race

If I’m Mckenna i go to United. Better to come in at rock bottom

Chelsea are so unapologetically naive.

I guarantee you they had no fucking clue who McKenna was. They see Man Utd and Brighton interested and they’re like “Oh, who’s that?”.

That was the exact same thing they did to us with Mudryk. Embarrassing lot.


Be great if they did though, Poch just finding his feet and turning them into a half decent team.

Pull the rug and bring in the rookie.


Chelsea in talks to sign Hartman (Feyenoord) left-back.

Confirmed by the player himself.

Any good?