Other Clubs Transfers Thread

Pogba left United for Juve on a free, then a few years later got signed back by Man U for 90m, if he then leaves them on a free at the end of this contract that would be pretty funny. Even more so if he goes back to Juve :joy:


If we’re being linked with Maddison and Abraham, who would cost us 100m and around 300k a week in wages, then forget them and just go for Sterling who is a top quality player.

He would be our best player by some distance and, as much as I don’t want Arteta here, he did work very successfully with him at Man City.

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Good move for all involved parties. Bailey is a talent with question marks over his potential but is clearly good, whilst Villa are an ambitious club with some good talent in the team.


Scousers having a meltdown.

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I think Bowen ideal level is west ham tbh

They got him at a very decent price too. Championship continues to be a great proving ground at bringing through scorers who translate to PL football.

Arsenal should be looking at Armstrong or anybody that’s hitting 20 + down there


These British Nigerian players are built differently, I think the club should load up on as many as we can tbh

I like Tammy, I’d take him but the numbers have to be right. Not sure if he can step into a role as a 20+ striker, he struggled to beat out Giroud at times over the last two seasons

I could be wrong but my money is still on Pogba just running down his deal and joining PSG next summer. That is basically Raiola’s signature move at this point and PSG has become a free transfer magnet club recently too.

Leonardo is a moron and PSG’s owners may just want their shiny toys so I guess anything is possible. But it doesn’t make much sense to sign both Wijnaldum and Pogba in essentially the same position, both on massive wages, in the same summer. They would have Wijnaldum, Verratti, Herrera, Pogba, and Rafinha all essentially as 8s and Poch doesn’t always play a 4-3-3 with two 8s anyway.


PSG might see it as the best opportunity to get him while dealing with a willing seller and no competition. £45m is being mooted which is a snip for Pogba’s talent and allows United to save a little face.

United will obvs never sell within England, Spanish and Italian clubs can’t afford the fee and wages right now but If he’s a free agent those dynamics change a lot.

I agree though it’s a vanity buy that probably won’t convince Mbappe

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Think that’s a good signing for them

Harry is a very good player. About time he moved on a perm. Needs to find a stable place.

I know it’s Lenglet but those prices aren’t terrible

Awful defender though.

He is a French international too. Not for long though. His status at Barca is what got him that spot.

Madrid should send that fee over to Sevilla and get Kounde.

Ole surely sacked if he can’t compete for the title with this squad and transfer backing


Great deal for United. Maguire x Varane is a top CB duo

Anything less than a title challenge and CL QF at minimum is a failure