Other Clubs Transfers Thread

So what is actually happening with the transfer window?

Is it only going to be open for a month in between the 2 seasons?

Wouldn’t be surprised if there were three clubs seriously in for him tops.

Seriously? He looks like a potential heir apparent for the Ballon Dor. If most of Real, PSG, Barce City, Liverpool, United, Bayern and Chelsea aren’t all in for him I’d be surprised.

It’s not about his quality but rather the financial outlook of most clubs even the big ones plus it’s more likely he wants to come back home.

United, perhaps City and maybe another team but I think the pool will be a small one.

FIFA/UEFA who ever runs it says it will close no later than 5 October

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Great deal for Bayern.


Seemingly yeah, I do wonder how the ACL has affected him but even if he’s lost some explosivness he’s going a good league to mask it


Bayern are building a very good team, assuming he stays fit he is an absolute class addition




They also spent something like £80m on Hernandez though and £40m on Sanches


£31mil on Pavard too who doesn’t impress me and will essentially fill in at RB because he’s a sub par CB


That is damn insane… that is the kind of business we need to be doing…

They’ve had some stinkers and they’re going to come into some difficulties replacing Lewy too.

Tolisso flopped, they sold Kronos for peanuts to Real Madrid, Rafinha is gonna leave on the cheap.

Nice assembling of talent but let’s not pretend they haven’t been a shower of piss at times too.


Fair regarding their bad deals, but we have to see how they net… and every team will have a few stinkers… some can absorb it better than others… right now we have mostly stinkers and we are not well-positioned to absorb them…

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He got bought off the back of that goal in the 2018 WC lol

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Same goes for Chelsea too who are often lauded but bought Bakayako, Drinkwater, Emerson, Zapacosta etc

When you have deep pockets it’s easy to absorb the hits, because of our situation we need to be signing gem after gem which is just impossible lol

Long road back


Yeah that’s a good point too. Chelsea have absolutely pissed away money themselves on some absolute shitters too. Let’s not even forget Batshuayi who they spent a bucket load on at a reasonably young age and barely gave him many chances. They also made Kepa the most expensive keeper ever and he’s been trash too.


Damn how could I leave those two out hahaha.

Leno is a masterstroke in comparison, I do give them credit on getting money back for their players at times. How they managed to fleece Atletico for Morata for £58mil and use that money to buy Werner and be in credit is beyond me.


Wasn’t Drinkwater a pretty dear sum too?

In excess of £30m I believe