Östersunds FK vs Arsenäl (UEL Round of 32 1st Leg)


:spiral_calendar: Thursday 15 February 2018
:clock6: 18:00
:stadium:️ Jämtkraft Arena :sweden:

  • Östersunds win
  • Draw
  • Arsenäl win

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Finally a proper game away from the shitty league. Want to kill the tie off in Sweden.


I think we will lose this one by the odd goal but belt them at the Emirates.


Not surprised you predict us to lose.


What time are we playing the mighty Östersunds away for you in Australia ausssie?

Bet you can’t wait for it :wink:


5am Friday morning so I will be getting up for work anyways, will watch what I can before I have to leave.


Think we’ll win, maybe after going 1-0 down first.

Lacazette should start this, hope he can get some confidence back.


This is nice



Wearing an Ostersunds scarf :xhaka:


Luca stop this childish tantrum boring


If people are against Arsenal i respond :wink:


Name the 7 Swedes without looking :thinking: I can only come up with what are presumably the obvious 5


Rami Shabban arsenal legend and Seb Larsson are two of the most forgettable probably


Ah I know the two I missed now. One of them was a comedy signing and the other was a yoof. I did get the obvious 5 of the 7 I’d say (imo)


Expect an easy 2-0 win.


Kallstrom, Ljungberg, Limpar and Olsson were the only ones I could remember. I am bad.


You’ve got the two that flew way over my head :+1: In particular the first one, already forgotten he existed :eyes:


They certainly didn’t do enough to get an invite to this game, that’s for sure :arteta:


Reckon my Ostersunds scarf will arrive in time if I order it from Sweden now @Luca_from_Italy?


Lacazette to score and gain confidence here. I am sure of it.