Orkun Kokcu

Couple of reports recently linking us to this guy…plays for Feyenoord he is only 19/20 apparently but looks a lot older

This had me pretty convinced by this guy then I went to whoscored and see he’s got 2 goals and 2 assists and 1.2 key pases/90 in 1364 minutes in the eredivisie. Feyenoord from a quick look is not the most offensive side, tied for 5th in goals scored (41) despite being in 3rd, but even at 19, would kind of hope for a bit more output in the Eredivisie from a big creative midfield prospect. (Ziyech in the far better and more offensive side, but has 6 goals and 12 assists and 3.7 key passes per game in similar minutes)

@Bl1nk @SDGooner what do you guys think of him?

6 goals and 12 assists and 3.7 key passes per game in similar minutes

Well, I for one would call that rather impressive.

You realise that’s Ziyech and not Kokcu?

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Get both

I don’t watch Feyenoord enough to have something of a genuine opinion for you if I’m completely honest. Bit of a boring side.

Equally impressive scoring 6 goals and assisting to 12 per game!

Seems that way. Makes sense, just saw the little general Dick Advocaat is their manager.

Seems average based on that video

Is he just a midfielder orkun he play further up front as well?


Has he got a good mentality? Or is he a real Kokcu****?