Online Arsenal Awards 2017 nominations

RIght. Nominations time. I would have ideally posted this before now but haven’t had the chance. We have 7 awards up for grabs this year and as is traditional we have a few changes to those on offer. First 4 explain themselves and the Ray Parlour award replaces the Unsung Hero one and none of the previous rules apply so anyone can be nominated (including girls despite the award having a he in the title :D). The Get a Room award replaces the rivalry one and rather than just rivalries could include bromances and the likes too. Troll explains itself too of course.

So send me up to FIVE nominations for each award via PM. Nominations will stop at some arbitrary time after Midnight on Sunday, i.e.whenever i get around to making the actual polls.

The awards are:
Poster of the Year Award
Personality of the Year Award
Post of the Year Award
Thread of the Year Award
The Perry Groves (he’s a bit underrated isn’t he) Award
The Get a Room Award
The Troll of the Year Award


I feel the Ray Parlour award evokes IORP a bit too much. It would make a good name for the troll of the year award.

Point Well made. Suitably re-named. :slight_smile:

Done :+1:

Sent… but it’s a bit light. :grimacing:

done. funny how these things do change every year :upside_down_face:

This year it seemed like there were a lot of deserving ppl, had trouble because I didn’t want to leave anyone out. It’s been a great year of contribution to OA :stuck_out_tongue:

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Could do with a few more sets of nominations. Few of the categories looking a bit light at the minute.

Just sent mine!!

Come on people get voting :slight_smile:

Have a look here: and browse through the userlist. Look for most liked posts and best topics per user is what I did.

Struggling with post of the year…

so i haven’t gotten to the award threads yet. will hopefully later today or tomorrow. If anyone fancies sending in some nominations in the mean time that would be delightful. :slight_smile:

Calling these at some stage today so get voting if you haven’t already. I’ve helpfully bumped all threads for ye. :slight_smile:

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