Omar Rekik

Welcome in January!


2 world class centre backs, love to see it

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Do you not like Swedes? Why has only one of these players been given their own thread?

they are not bad in mash potato

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Omar be coming

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Sending out Saliba, then sign a 540K player.
Good business.

This club’s a Rek


Best CB in the league

Justice League

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This is an addition for the under 23, and probably will not amount to anything either.

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He can stay in the rumour mill for the time being.

Same old same old…
Like when Wenger was here… when we need a boost from the transfer period, somehow the first signing would be a shit one, someone that we haven’t heard of, a very insignificant signing to start the window.

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These kind of posts are exactly the reason why under 18 or under 23 signings shouldn’t be announced how they are :joy:.

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@Craigie is the Dad mod round here but today it seems I’m the one wiping up shit.

Thread looks a bit tidier now :grin: