Olivier Giroud


I think he really needs to be starting alongside Lacazette. I think that would be a pretty insane 1 - 2 punch.


Yeah. But keeping him at the same time excludes us from looking for another attacking addition. Too many players for the front three.


Just read Wenger post-match’s interview. He confirmed Olly is staying.


Wife clearly didn’t fancy moving to Liverpool :joy:


Didnt want their home robbed


Think we all but knew it.


Even when Giroud doesn’t score he wins my heart :heart_eyes:


Vote here :sunglasses:


If he didn’t win it there would be war :sanchez2:


Big mistake fifa, big mistake :joy:


Nothing brings Arsenal fans together better than a poll.


Sadly it’s not to win it but to make the final shortlist :cry:


All this evidence of Giroud being a donkey with no touch or link-up play just keeps on stacking up doesn’t it :speak_no_evil:


TB to when this goal never made the shortlist




Congratulations Ollie! #Giroud100


129 more to go. I have faith :sunglasses:


The Big man! :giroud2:


He played pretty well throughout, kept dropping deep and looking to get involved etc. He just seemed more active and mobile than usual.


So many good goals scored!


Giroud in his pants. Just because :heart_eyes: