Olivier Giroud

That’s a scarf, Fabrizio


His longevity is very commendable



Perfect move for him


Good for him, what a career he’s had


Sensational career since he joined us in 2012. Even better once he left too.


Winning Ligue 1 with Montepieller is no small achievement either.

He should be proud of his career.


Jesus, he didn’t retire lads. He’s moving to the MLS.

Difference being? :vinai:


Hugely underrated player IMO. So skilful and was a great player for Arsenal. Loved his heel flick back to Ramsey for the winning goal in the 2014 FA Cup Final.

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Did I hear you right?


Great player for us? He was our first choice striker and was surrounded by Ozil, Sanchez, Cazorla and managed 13-16 league goals a season.

He was hugely frustrating. He could score goals but he was never good enough to occupy the starting berth.

At times Wenger experiment with Walcott, Welbeck and Sanchez at CF ahead of him. That tells you all you need to know.

People are rewriting history with this guy when they call him “great”. He should have been a rotation option, but Wenger gave him so many opportunities to prove himself and he just never did it.

That barren scoring spell, the Monaco games, his general limitations…


Exactly lol nothing wrong with saying he’s had a really solid, respectable career at a good level and played well into his twilight years.

I don’t think he was particularly hard done by here, we had a good stock of attacking/creative talent for him to play off. The reality is that he has always been a limited player and there’s nothing wrong with that at all.

Good luck to him at LAFC and hopefully he can add to his trophy cabinet by winning the World Champion Soccerball Championship of the World.


Yeah, that’s right! :muscle:

Ok…maybe ‘good’ rather than ‘great’?

Underrated and unappreciated by Gooners. Was instrumental in ending the drought and the following FA Cup winning run.

People forgot how badly the no trophy dialogue paralyzed this club lol

Could do with 2012 Giroud now.

Or could you? Him or Havertz who would you take lads?

2012 Van Persie would be perfect for this team.

I mean Giroud at 37 is putting up better numbers than Havertz at 24. Not a tough one, Giroud was the most dominant target man in Europe for a solid decade

Giroud is a better striker, but he won’t be able to find Saka as Havertz did against Spurs.

I hope Havertz has higher ceiling at 24.

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For pure scoring, yes, Giroud is better than Kai.

But the rest…