Old face here


Not exactly a new member, used to frequently come on the forums as Chucho, can’t access that account anymore. So this is my new account. Hi all.


Nice try topo.


Come again


Welcome back Chucho. :slight_smile:

We switched away from vBulletin about this time last year so we all had to set up new accounts.


Ah, fair enough. Thanks man, prefer this name anyway aha


Welcome back!


Old face? You should see mine! :grin:

Welcome back m8!


Welcome back mate!


Welcome back man!


Welcome back @Joshcielny . As @shamrockgooner mentions, we moved to a brand new Forum last year and started from scratch again. If you want your account to be called Chucho again, I’d be happy to change it for you? Only take a second :slight_smile:

Hope to see you stick around. It’s a big change at first, but you’ll get used to it very quickly.


Nah I’m good mate. Prefer this name anyway. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:


was hoping it was the propa nutcase :wink: just kidding, welcome back


Glad you found your way back to us @Joshcielny

I like the name too :ok_hand:


im only playing. Welcome back sir, as the others have mentioned great username.


Welcome back.