OA Subscription Service (April Fools)

Important announcement.

As many of you know, this Forum has relied on the kindness of donations from members over many years in order to keep the running of this Forum maintained. However, hosting costs to run this software are increasing year by year. It has come to the point where our current donation method is no longer viable and putting a lot of strain in being able to continue affording it. If we don’t act upon it immediately, there is a real possiblility of this great site coming to an end.

Therefore, from the start of next season (2019/20), Online Arsenal will become a subscription based Forum only. What this means is, in order for you to be able to participate on OA, whether you’re posting or viewing, you will be required to signup to a subscription service. Without a subscription, you will not have access to the site. Details regards to costs and available packages on offer will be announced in due course.

I know this will be a big shock to many of you that we’ve taken this approach, but in order to safeguard the Forum’s future, sometimes drastic measures must be called upon. It would be a foolish day if we simply chose to ignore the problem and see this incredible site go to waste, so I hope people understand it’s not an easy solution, but our only option. During this transition period we hope to keep disruptions as minimal as possible.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask myself or any mod.


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Fair enough.

Funny enough I am evaluating subscription billing partners like Chargebee, Recurly, Chargify atm.
Even funnier, I just completed the draft for the framework & got on OA to find this.

Patreon makes the most sense from our investigations so far. I’ve not even heard of those ones you mention.

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I didn’t check out Patreon as they are for content creators and for entities with loyal user base, so yeah in a way it makes sense for you.

These platforms are for SaaS businesses which I am working for. Check them out anyway because for at least first 50k dollars of revenue, you won’t have to pay for the service, apart from of course payment gateway charges.

Patreon sounds like an interesting option

Well it was good while it lasted



April fools surely? :joy:


It will not be pricey at all.

I’m sure those dedicated and those that appreciate Online Arsenal will stick around.

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Subscription for a forum

Good one

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Never liked a single one of you lot anyway. Peace


You just knew that “Mr. The Fans Must Pay More” (@Trion) would be all over this. I’m expecting you to be the first to sign up pal.


Not. Sure. If. Test :eyes:

Surely we can just migrate to a shittier forum model

OA for the Arsenal elitist fans only :gunnersaurus:

The OA 1%


ffs I fell for this until I read someone say April fools? :rofl:

This was a good one. Well done haha




Same mate, you’re not alone :joy::joy:


As a true socialist I must say this idea disgusts me and I will never use this website again from this day onwards.

Before I go I’d just like to clarify a few things.

Messi > Ronaldo
Klopp > Wenger
England > Scotland
England > Wales
England > Italy
Kourtney > Kim



We’ve had to announce it now due to the start of the financial/tax year. The site purely isn’t funded enough and we have to bring it to light now. I’m afraid It’s purely coincidental that it coincides with AFD.

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