OA Statistics


So the new forum has been up and running since the beginning of July. We’ve been monitoring the activity since. Here are some cool statistics.

Page views
Over 1,000,000 page views

Busiest day on OA
Friday 26 August 2016

Quietest day
Wednesday 26 October 2016

Mobile vs desktop
Desktop users: 47,42%
Mobile users: 47,04%
Tablet users: 5,54%

Top 10 countries browsing

Most visited pages

Top search queries

Social media referrals

Average time spent on a page
1 minute 23 seconds

That’s it for now :slight_smile: might post more later.


Sweden is very popular! :smiley:


Interesting thay obtaining tickets is so high. I wonder if there is more that we can do with that, be it a youtube video or something to expand/advertise in new markets and perhaps grow the forum?


Wenger pokemon professor?! :joy::joy:

I blame @Mysty for this search :wink:


I think we only have like 2 or 3 here though. #SignUpSwedes Also Indians.


Me and Ocke at least, where is the A.F guy from? there was someone else I chatted with in Swedish once in MDC but I can’t remember who it was lol


His undying love for the Zlatan kind of gives him away. :grin:


#6 months later UPDATE.

December 2016 vs June 2017

Page views
1,213,345 now 2.397.792

Busiest day on OA
Friday 26 August 2016 now Thursday 16 February 2017

Quietest day
Wednesday 26 October 2016

Mobile vs desktop
Desktop users: 47,42% now 50,43%
Mobile users: 47,04% now 44,30%
Tablet users: 5,54% now 5,27%

Top 10 countries browsing

Age groups

Male vs Female


Where is Italy? :hipster:


Southern Europe. Along the Mediterranean.

*Checks map. :giroud:


I mean, c’mon my fellow countrymen! Browse this fucking lovely board! :yawn:


How many users on the busiest day?


Less than 4% of the vistors are women, jesus. This place truly is a sausage fest :sweat_smile:


Why do you think I come here? :henry2:


The morning after the night before… :giroud3:


(literally no one is going to press play)




Go and stick a bavarian wurstel up your ass.


1100 sessions. Will have to check how many users.


Any stats on how many of the Ireland visits are me? 90%+ I’d say. :grin:


would be the same for every football forum lol. Don’t see what’s the surprise