OA origins/Favourite moments

I know it started after most of us got banned from the then official Arsenal forum late 90s early 00s…Plus there were a few early attempts at borads the old MSN forums being one…
Was on wayback so thought id type in onlinesarsenal.com, Their screen captures go back to 2003…

strood went on to terrorise Arsenal world…
all in all there are 233 screen captures…


Haha that’s a great find!!! So funny to see, I love hearing about the origins since I’ve only been here since July '09 (in itself, a rather long time I suppose).

Good post.

there are still a few on here from the very beginning…Hopefully they will chip in…

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some of the links across the to work,found this…

So Long, and Thanks for all the Goals…

Thierry Henry

The News no-one associated with Arsenal wanted to hear is all but confirmed (subject to medical) That Club Captain Thierry Henry has signed for Stripey kit cunts of Catalonia for a dismal £16m.

Henry Quotes -

“I do think this is the right time for Robin van Persie, Emmanuel Adebayor and Nicklas Bendtner, who is coming back from Birmingham, to shine,” Henry added.

"Hopefully they will do it. As soon as you know they can do it, they will forget about me, that’s the way it is.

"When Patrick left everyone was devastated, including me and then after that a little guy came around called Cesc Fabregas and, although I didn’t agree with it, everyone started saying ‘who needs Patrick Vieira’?

"Cesc is a world-class player, Robin van Persie is a world-class player, hopefully Adebayor will become a world-class player, Tomas Rosicky is a world-class player, Jens Lehmann is a world-class player, Kolo Toure and William Gallas are world-class players. You can go through the whole squad like that.

“I will now become an Arsenal fan and will be looking at every result. I am sure the team will be successful.”

Henry also gave a personal tribute to Gunners fans for their support during his eight years at the club.

“I would like say to you that you have been tremendous for me and I really do appreciate it,” he explained.

"I am shaking as I say this. I will always remember you and I will have you in my head and my heart.

"I wanted to reassure you that I always gave 100% here. I hope you appreciate what I did here because I appreciate what you did for me.

"I grew as a man and became a better football player - I will always take that with me no matter what happens.

"Arsenal will be in my blood as well as my heart. I will always, always, always remember you guys. I said I was going to be a Gunner for life and I did not lie because when you are a Gunner you will always be a Gunner.

“The club is in my heart and will remain in my heart forever.”

Posted on 24 Jun 2007 by TA#6


Look at the moderators, Strood and Miss Holland. Names from the past lol

Been here since the start thankfully

Slag, do you still hear from Wasp at all? He was a good poster

See him now and again, hes got a couple of kids now…Hes probably on FB…

Look at the moderators, Strood and Miss Holland. Names from the past lol

remember that bird from Nowrich that used to post? think she was on the AFC board
and RED Dot…

Great find Slag! I remember on the old OA we had a thread like this, with various screenshots of how the site changed over the decade. It really changed a lot.

It’s kinda funny the sub forums that existed then, that don’t now, and vice versa. I missed out on the first 12 months of OA existances but been here ever since :smiley:

It’s good that some of the old school members are still about, although not as frequent as before. Guys like Thomas89, zaphod were absolute quality members. Even TA#6 is too busy for OA these days!

We have the ‘museum’ link with all the old threads, but it’s been down for 3 months and god knows when it’ll reappear again. So much funny stuff happened.

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And good ol SOSH without her input this probably wouldnt have existed…


Ah good old Soshie. Was never one to beat around the bush :joy: I like to think the core of what OA founded on still exists today thanks to the style she wanted out of it. Rare to go anywhere that allows such a chilled out place, that goes with the flow.

Still pretty awesome it’s been going for almost 14 years now, especially in this era of Social Media, where most Forum formats have been struck off as a result.

just found this, this is where it all started…



Here are some random screenshots of OA pages through the years:

just got this off the AFCi archive…from Jan 1st 2001
Deja vu

Arsenal Web Views

Sunderland & Charlton Premier League

Well, where do I start? On Saturday at Highbury the very old cliché came true and that is that football is a game of two halves. I say this because for those that have not seen the game Arsenal dominated the first 45 minutes and should have left the field at half time 3 or 4 up. However, 2 up against Sunderland was a good start and things looked good. Alas this is where everything turned pear shape because it is obvious that the players made the mistake of thinking they had won the game without playing the second half and this is exactly what they did for the next 45 minutes! They took no further part in the game and in all honesty if it was not for the post we would have lost the match Still, these things happen so I looked forward to my night out on New Year’s eve.

What a great night it was too! Unfortunately, since then my start to the year has been a disaster. I will explain why. For 90 minutes against Charlton I witnessed 14 highly paid players, with the exception of Ljungberg, prance around the pitch without a care in the world. I have seen more passion in a dead fish than my heroes showed and when we got the penalty what I saw next disgusted me! With the exception of Vivas nobody wanted to take the penalty. Vivas was the only one with the balls to take it and this is poor. Surely there was somebody on the pitch better suited and who has the ability to put the ball on the spot and then hit it a short distance into the net? Obviously not because they ran like scared chickens being chased by a fox! It was obvious what was going to happen next and it did. The penalty was saved but I do not blame Vivas I congratulate him as he was the only person with the courage to take it. Today was also the day that we showed our true colours and gave the title to Manchester United because there is not a cat in hells chance that we can recover the 11 points we have done our best to give them and if we keep playing like we have been then Carlisle this Saturday is going to be a worrying game and my fingers will be crossed.

Against Charlton we were out passed, out played and out fought by a bunch of guys who would have a hard task even getting on our sub bench against Ipswich in the Worthington cup! Enough is enough lads. Roll your sleeves up and show a bit of passion and if you want to know what that is then ask Mr. Ljungberg because he has it in abundance! Start playing some decent football or I promise you all this - “Next season there will be no European football at Highbury!”

I will see you all at Carlisle and this will be when we start to play decent football and lets get behind the lads and show them that even if they don’t care we certainly do!

Up the Arse!!!


nothing changes that much then…

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on the afci link a lot of the links down the side in blue still work…

wonder if modern Arsenal would allow this today…from the joke link…


its a shame the chat link dosent work, so as to see who was on there at the time…

…under Wenger

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Fuck off. Honestly you’ve got the entire rest of the forum to whinge on.

Although having said that, whinging about Wenger is as old as OA itself :grinning:It makes me laugh when the younger guys talk about 2008 and such as being when we had a “real team”


I remember the goonerette

She was a good laugh. Me and Fabster met up with her quite a few times at games

Thats a great find slag

Think she was only about 20 when she started doing that…

You could be right. She is doing really well for herself now

Involved in football somehow but cant actually remember. Its something to do with women in football though. She also done a lot of work at Dagenham & Redbridge and QPR. Press related i think

OG OA :heart: