OA Meet Up - Champions Edition 🍻

So a few weeks ago, efforts were made to organise a meet up between London-based OA users who would be up for a meet up.

I can happily tell you it went swimmingly!

Granted, it was only @Sol and I that met up because @Midfield_Maestro @JakeyBoy @SRCJJ and @Phoebica ruthlessly snaked us but when all is said and done @Sol and I had a great time.

The initial venue was the Vintry between Cannon Street and Bank tube stations but we quickly realised there were too many wankers and not enough draught beers there so we moved to a basement bar next door called Harry’s which is now the official OA Meet Up bar because it’s fucking brilliant and plays loads of 80s bangers.

Laughs were had and drinks were shared and no kidneys were stolen so I can happily report that the first official OA meet up went really well.

Seriously we had quite a lot of fun.

That’s me and @Sol.

Hopefully this first foray will give others the confidence needed to meet up for a proper messy night out which I think Harry’s and our group could really facilitate. Turns out we’re a pretty decent bunch and it’s nice being able to talk football with someone that isn’t some fucking local “yer da” down the pub.


Fake news!

Am over for the Watford match next weekend if anyone is about. day trip though. :slight_smile:


Two legends in one photo, warms my heart :smiley: Though, I am disappointed by the apparent lack of a bow tie from the Danish fella :cristo:


It was casual Fridays at work today so a bow tie didn’t seem appropriate :wink:


Are you flying in and out on the same day? I’d be up for a drink or two but unfortunately I think I’ll be in Bath that weekend

Amazing ! two gentlemen on that pic.

would love to join. hopefully we can open a OA meeting franchise in Denmark too.

Who downed the most beers and banged the most chicks?


Yea first day trip I’m doing in years actually. Only doing it cos I’m off work the following two weeks so even if I’m wrecked I’ll have plenty of time to recover. :slight_smile:


Good boy! Shame i wasn’t there :frowning:


Relatively new to this board but love a beer… Count me in the next time! Looks fab!


Was lovely to meet another OA’er for the first time. Cristo is a top, top chap and we actually spent most of the time talking about real life shit.

The Internet can be a beautiful thing. Here’s to more meets in the future :beer:


Likewise mate, you’re a top bloke yourself and I had a proper good time getting to know you and the other punters of Harry’s bar tonight!

Definitely up for more of the same


Count me in.

I did meet up with 5-6 members years ago for the end of season game so be happy to do so again.


great photo lads!


@Cristo @Sol Did it get steamy ? :henry2:



Gutted to have had to cry off sick though lads. We need to sort another for those of us who couldn’t make it.

But sorry @Cristo, I’ve gotta say it, @shamrockgooner is right to call fake news. There were meet ups between people like @TA-6 @Thomas89 @Fabster and I think Invincibles2004 way back in like, 2004 to 2006?

Then there’s the time Shammy was over for a game with his sister (also a former member of OA), I happened to have a spare ticket and offered it to @Mysty. We then met a few of the aforementioned posters and some others.

You’d probably all be surprised to hear that me and I2004 actually got on fairly well :joy:


That wasn’t my sister. :slight_smile:

Vertical Failure? I swear you were related, or she was related to someone?

Could obviously be wrong, I’m a little high atm and I had more than a few drinks on that day we met.

I’m glad you came here just to correct me though. Didn’t have a single nice thing to say about when we met. Unsentimental cunt.


Well probably no point adding in some platitudes now, would look a bit forced. :cristo:

Yea, it was Vertical Failure, we’ve known each other like 15 years but no relation. She’s not related to anyone in from OA…unless I don’t know her as well as I thought I did. :slight_smile:


As already pointed out, OA meet ups are nothing new, have been going on since the dawn of time :slight_smile: Add the likes of Shill, Sosh, tone, I_W, Sara to the list of those who used to regularly meet up. But would absolutely love to do it again some point in the future. 3 years have really flown by. Shame Vertical Failure hasn’t joined new OA, she was good company that day.

For some reason, I don’t think we ever sorted a group photo out between us lot, something to retify in the future. Imagine roaming OA meetups! There’s more to the UK than just London :grin:

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