OA admins and mods

Ladies and gentlemen,

During the close season some work is going on behind the scenes here at OA to make sure we remain the single best place to talk about all things Arsenal. As many of you know, we do our absolute utmost to promote a site that is easy going, welcoming and accepting to all. The site is run by volunteers, with busy jobs and lives and finding the people with the time and skill to keep this place running in the way we all love can be very difficult at times.

Which is why we are absolutely delighted to announce the addition of @SRCJJ and @Midfield_Maestro to the moderating team. Both are long standing members, with a long track record of positive and thoughtful contribution to discussions across the OA community. We are sure you will agree with us that there could be no better choices to take the OA we all know and love forward.

At the same time, we wish to express our appreciation to @tone and @I_W who are leaving the leadership team, both are incredible contributors and we hope to continue to see them around the place in future. @I_W particularly has been integral to the site’s success over the years and is a personal friend who gave me the job as a moderator in the first place (you might have to forgive him for that one!)

Once again, our thanks and appreciation to both our new additions and departing friends, we hope you will join us in extending best wishes to them all.


Here here! Your doing a great job and thanks for all the hours you put in making this the best Arsenal forum.

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Hope they’re on reasonable contracts! :speak_no_evil:

Congrats guys :clap:


Congratulions guys

British players are shit though. :giroud3:

Congrats, gentlemen! :slight_smile:

Nice one boys!

And here i thought it was arsenal signings booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo down with this announcement :campbell:

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Fuck this thread title.


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Thanks for the kind words, Leper.

It’s been a pleasure to be part of the site since the beginning (and before) and I’m pleased to say I was able to help lead it’s development for a period of time.

Unfortunately time has moved on and I can’t commit the time to the site anymore to make it feasible for me to continue as Admin, hence my decision to step down.

I’m sure I’ll still pop in every now and then, you won’t get rid of me completely.

Big thanks to all my fellow mods and admins over the years. Specifically to @Shill for trusting me and @Bl1nk for being my partner in crime for many years.

Also a big congrats to @Midfield_Maestro and @SRCJJ on their promotions. Both long-standing and valued members.

All the best peeps and here’s to a successful season.


Keep up the good work lads!

I’ll be around still and hope to cause you some problems :joy::joy:

Was long overdue for me really. Real life, well a baby really, has taken over and as good and as easy (sometimes) that this site is to moderate it was unfair on the other mods as I wasn’t pulling my weight in that department at all

Like I said keep up the good work lads and long live OA :+1:t2::+1:t2:


Couldn’t tone and I_W something special that identify them as former staff members, similar to the silver anniversary text or the custom text mod have next to their names?

I suggest “Gone to the MLS”.


never heard of these 2 tbh :wink: congratulations MM and SRCJJ


I want to echo Lepers words regarding @I_W over the years he has been integral to Online Arsenal, ever since I took over the ownership of the site from Sosh many years ago now, Dan has put in countless hours to help out with not just moderation but the overall way the site is run. He has been a fantastic asset to OA and he will be missed by all the admins and mods. Thank you for all your hard work over the years mate.


Thanks @Shill. That means a lot and it’s nice to know some people appreciate it still. It was a pleasure and I also met some good people through this site.

Keep it going strong guys!


announce Auba


Auba could be good in OA’s preferred 0-0-10 formation.


Announce Pepe


This just came up in my notifications, linked to something else. Brings a tear to the eye :relieved: @Leper @Shill

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