Nuno Tavares

Agreed. Partey is the only player in our squad that I would say is World Class for sure and fans of rival clubs would debate it. He is one if the best cms in Europe and I think his time at Atletico and here is enough of a Sample size.

Jesus is probably the next closest. Saka isn’t far away. Odegaard has a lot to do to be seen as one of the world’s best attacking midfielders.

You really wonder what caliber of kid would get overlooked in an academy now.
Big problem I have with academy football is the fact of kids having expression taking off them.
It’s too disciplined for this to come out for me. I also think there’s too many kids who don’t have the parents with the 4x4 car and support too take them to training on a regular basis.


You think kids football is getting more middle class?

Financial security/background has never seemed to be a barrier to becoming a footballer, given the vast majority of footballers are from working class backgrounds.

I think a lot will fall through the net now yeah. Lot of players I see now would never of kicked a football in a street or school playground.
Times change a lot for sure because everything pretty much organised football at kids level but again that comes at a cost.
School football was a leveler for being spotted but doesn’t happen now as much.


Time to change the narrative n sign him on the cheap I guess.

Just last week the kid could play for Madrid and Barca lol


Kid probably heard the praise and decided to rain it in.

Price of the brick going down

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Exactly. :rofl:

He’s a bad egg. Needs to join Guendouzi or Aubameyang.

Get him so far to fuck from our club


Won’t put too much stock on what’s being said personally. Starboy made a good point about it.

One week he’s one of the best performers in the league, the next he’s supposedly shit and Marseille are not interested in buying him, the next his manager praises hin saying he could play for Madrid or Barca and now he’s back in the shithouse.

Wat h him start the next match.

Don’t care he’s still not worth it. Drama queens are the old arsenal


Can help drive the Rice price down.


This is good news if true.

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50m and Tavares for rice then yeah

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Sounds like a solid deal to me. Go on west ham, take it. You know it makes sense.

West Ham, honestly lads, this guy is so, so good. Marvelous player.


Di Marzio said we were quoting teams 40m for him last summer in case of a sale and we preferred to loan him without an option to buy. :rofl:

I doubt anyone is paying that but I can see us selling him for ~20m.

It’s inevitable there will be interest for him. It’s traditionally a tough position to recruit and he is probably one of the top prospects in that still. The statistics favour him a lot too, which is I assume one of the reasons we were drawn into him initially.
The big caveat with the guy is that he’s a wildcard. If you’re willing to deal with that, he can be very good player for your team.

Would be very happy with 20m for Tavares.

I would be happy with 15m but am expecting more like 10m.

He only really works for a manager committed to wingbacks who also doesn’t mind fighting with one of his players on the training ground every once in a while.

That’ll be a loan or low fee then

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