Nuno Tavares (Loan: Lazio)


What time is it there?

Was just gonna post it too. :joy:

Anyway, it appears he’s a bit of a nutcase. Kind of guy to fall out with Arteta.
But it does look like this has legs. :man_shrugging:

4am :rofl::rofl: I’ve been on evenings lately so my sleep pattern is fucked


Don’t remember him from the Europa tie against them

He’s not a starter for them. Grimaldo is the main man for Benfica.
It looks like one of the reasons he wants to leave is because he doesn’t want to be backup anymore. It also sounds like Benfica want him gone because he is a troublemaker.

No idea how this move makes sense. :man_shrugging::man_facepalming:

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He’s fairly young. 21 I believe, definitely one for the future meanwhile he’ll be a suitable backup to KT.

Maybe he can be retrained to RB :arteta:

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This guy is the biggest LB prospect on FM and PES. Sign him up.


So he is a troublemaker and we want to sign him under Arteta well that’s another player getting shipped out on loan

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Wait, I thought this was nuno mendes? I can’t even find this guy on my Fm save lol

Saliba working his dong, Tavares making out with his dogs…Either current youths are wild or absence of social media kept our previous heroes pristine.


Yes. That’s this guy. Nuno Alexandre Tavares Mendes. Or am I wrong?

Nuno Mendes | Portugal | UEFA EURO 2020 | This one.

Ah don’t tell me where going for a budget option again. Ffs.

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This guy is a beast on FM and always part of the wonder kids selection.

This one is from benfica.

Someone shared this with me and I was hyped until I saw that he was 21 and from Benfica and suddenly realised he wasn’t the Sporting lad who is 18/19 and considered a talent.

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#AFC focus has been a Tierney back-up aged roughly 20/22

Club is starting to learn the basics…

Now we’ll see if the Talent ID is decent

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FM or not his youtube compilation are sexy AF

He looks like he can play on both flanks too.

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That sounds like a steal to me.
More than a dozen clubs looking for a first team LB and from what I’ve seen, Tavares was considered by most of them, and we get him as backup for so cheap.

Impressive. :pires2:

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