Nuno Tavares (Loan: Forest)

This loan spell has been good for both sides, his market value increased, and we are more sure than ever he does not have quality to play for us

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Nuno has a lot of raw talent but he remains a massive liability. I’m glad we don’t have to witness these atrocities first hand.

He’s scored 5 goals in 16 games which is very good for a left back but not what you need from a left back lol

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Gareth Bale was a LB once upon a time. Think Nuno’s future lies further up from the backline (and far away from North London).


I honestly almost forgot this guy existed lol

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You mean MLS Champion Gareth Bale? Or Nuno?

Nuno lol we have been in such a great place for a while now which makes him even more forgettable.


This is a clear ‘sell’ at the end of the season.

Even if you really wanted him and you had plans to lessen his burdens and played him further up the pitch, I still don’t think he has the nature to play the way our wingers play.

It was a punt at £15M~ I believe and one that will likely not work out. I think we can safely recoup the fee + profit potentially after the season he is having.

He was trending yesterday. Put out another big performance it seems. Saw some highlights.
He really plays like a forward. :sweat_smile:

Hope he keeps this up. There’s an asset here and the club probably knows it having priced him out of a permanent move last summer.

Interesting to see if he gets a second chance when he comes back or we decide to cash in.

Get him back use him as a winger

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(Sidenote: Guendouzi scored the winner in the match)

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It wasn’t that long ago he was being criticised for the crap player that he actually is.

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I’d be surprised if he ever played for us again.


Will probably get some game time in preseason until he gets a move.

It’s clear that we don’t need a smash and run athlete at FB, so it’s worth cashing in on him during the summer while the stock is high.


Hope we make a profit.


Suppose this is how every other league feels after experiencing the Prem

He is the true chaos factor.

No point in selling him to Marseille though, they’re broke.

We should be fleecing someone like Everton or Wolves for him for £30m after the season he’s had for Marseille.


Yup, stay clear of poverty teams, and look for a PL team, It’s the only way we can get a decent fee for him.


Not sure what’s up with the porn music but it’s so weird seeing Alexis, Guendo, Kola and Tavares all playing for the same club elsewhere.