Norwich City Vs Arsenal (PL)

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Norwich win
  • Norwich madness

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If Emery is still in charge almost 100 percent chance of Norwich win.

Arsenal fans should only attend if enjoy turnips.

For the first time in my entire life I seriously think we could lose 3-1 to a club in the relegation zone.

I might even be able to get a ticket for this, although I’ll have to sit with the home fans :slight_smile:

How on earth will we not have another manager before this match…

Pukki party going to have a field day against this team

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I think Norwich 2-1 and surely it’ll be the end of Unai Emery… surely…

0-3 win, Freddie’s first game in charge.

The players look well up for it, we slightly struggle in the first half, but the work ethic is clearly there. Second half we score early and play some lovely link-up play. Auba scores 0-1, Ozil scores the second and Pepe scores a curler goal, late on.

Then I wake up


Nothing’s happening

(And don’t call me Shirley)

Something has to happen, there has to be a red line. I’d be astonished if a loss (or even a draw) to Norwich doesn’t bring the end.

Obviously the search / tapping up of the next manager is already underway but a non-sacking clearly suggests we don’t have an interim that’s ready or willing or capable to step up. Maybe we could make Aubameyang player manager for half a season :see_no_evil:

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And Troopz as his assistant?

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5-0 Arsenal. Ljungball.


Easy W

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Confidently predicting 6-0 Arsenal now.


really looking forward to the game now tbh. will be intriguing

most i’ve looked forward to a game since wenger was here tbh (emery always had me flaccid tbh)


yes back to playing some Arsenal attacking football again, losing the shots 3-10 in the first half vs 19th placed Soton? I can’t get over it lol


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Too soon for Freddie to really get the team doing what he wants, for this game I hope he just takes the brakes off and lets the lads play



Bellerin Luiz Sokratis Tierney

Torreira Guendouzi

Pèpe Özil Aubameyang


Please Freddie :pray:


Fuuuck me that avi :arteta: u are hilarious mate :arteta: :arteta:

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