Noa Lang

Superb name. Don’t know much of the player though

Proper Rocky movie type name lol


Not impressed when he was at Ajax and a bit of a trouble maker

But I heard he was good at Brugge?

isn’t he that super arrogant 23 year old someone was posting about on here not too long ago? him and Arteta will not get on

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@Bl1nk tell me he is good please

Apparently he’s been fantastic for Brugge but has massive ego and attitude issues and is constantly running his mouth about how he should be playing for Bayern Munich or Real Madrid.

Big pass from me.

Very talented but…

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Yeah, got a lot of traction in the CL with Club Brugge because he “showed levels” to Neymar.

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We did sign a dog shagger that had a bad rep at Benfica.

Hard to see him and Arteta being a good mix.

I fucking hate the guy.


He’s clear of Gakpo.

Noa lot to get excited about here.

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as simon cowell would say, it’s a noa from me


He reliable or what?


It’s a Noa from me.

Beat me to the punch.

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Not the type of personality I think Arteta will want. Very VERY arrogant. I agree with Bl1nk, fuck this guy.

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“One that prefers to play in the Champions League”. :confused: Yes that is a choice for most clubs.

Noa’s nark