Nintendo Switch


I’ll always respect Nintendo for trying to do something completely different to everyone else lol


It’s more because they can’t keep up with the big boys when it comes to pure gaming so they exploit kids and fatties.



True enough, but I enjoy the bizarre innovation nevertheless. Not that I ever buy any of it


Yeh innovative is certainly the right word for that it looks cool as fuck but I’ve well grown out of my days of portable gaming.


Will they discontinue the Wii and just focus on the Switch when it comes out?

Might be wrong in terms of the sales figures but the Wii wasn’t much of a success right? at least in Europe


The Wii outsold the other seventh generation consoles for many years actually. Big success. The Wii U, not so much.


Of course but it doesn’t change the fact to purists it’s just a gimmick.


The Wii U was to the Wii, what Hillary is to Obama.


Ordered mine through Amazon. Cannot wait.


Had anyone got one of these? @Naweed how are you finding it?


I love it. I’ve put in 100 hours into Zelda. Probably just as much with Mario Kart. I’ve bought splatoon recently so will rack up more game time over the weekend.

It’s just a great system really. Nice variety of games and I can take it wherever I want.