Just a discussion point to discuss the ever-changing and evolving world of NFTs across collectibles, art, and innovative tech using smart-contracts.

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Anyone involved in any interesting projects?

Iโ€™m in a handful:

Angry Pitbull Club
Superplastic CryptoJanks
Australian Open Art Ball
Non-Fungible People
Lit Project Two: Motion
Bored Doodle Punk Club

Note: This is not financial advice, nor am I encouraging anyone to invest in any project I am apart of.

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I predict this thread will be 30% tweets of what is the latest NFT faff someone bought, 60% people calling the person who bought it a tosser and 10% general NFT discussion.


Welcome to Web3.0.

Amending the 60% to be a split between what Iโ€™ve already said and memes.

download (14)


Iโ€™ve got random NFTs but I like Parallel and Missing Frontier which are games under development and fall under the P2E bracket

Most bullish on Parallels which is a trading card game

I am curious about your thought process.
Why would you be interested in investing in these?

In just that one or all of them?

All but I focused on that one as an example to understand the general thought process.

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Am I the only one who has no idea what an NFT is?


No your just the first to own up to it.


They all look like scams to me :slight_smile:

People have linked it to money laundering from some of what Iโ€™ve read

Itโ€™ll be 90% memes if I have anything to do with it


ha - say what you want to say about the art/collectibles etc. - but the NFT smart contract technology is like the internet being invented, but all over again.

Happy to explain if there is genuine interest.

Whatโ€™s to stop me using the pictures these people have paid money for?

Whatโ€™s to stop you buying a fake Rolex?

That fake Rolex would be mine though, fake or not. No one else could wear it.

Is there some sort of timestamp for these pictures that shows where the original file started?

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And at least you know you were scammed :slight_smile:


But there are 500,000,000 of those fake rolexes?