Next 8 games


The best I had hoped for at this stage is probably 10 points. 9 is pretty damn close and think we can see the green shoots of progress in various spells within those games.


Everton and Watford will surely test our capabilities. Very pleased getting those ‘supposedly’ easy fixtures out of the way with 9 points. Now on to the tough stuff.


Nah, we will beat Fulham rather easily. They play very open.


I’m thinking 5 on the trot and then 4 points at best from the next 3.


So far we haven’t done well with open teams. We have been pretty efficient when the opposition sits deep and doesn’t press. If Fulham try to play like the team they want to be(a competitive side against anyone) then we will have trouble. Even West Ham’s odd and unprepared new style could get past us like a train on another day.


Well, we would have just to outscore them. Don’t think we would have problem with it.


Everton will be a nice test to see where Arsenal is actually at. This is probably the first game of the season where expectation and outcome don’t really a line. I mean we were bigs underdogs against City and Chelsea and should have beaten our last three opponents.


They (Everton) have Richarlison back against us. He’s their flair and talisman, already.


Was just going to say something positive about playing them, but that certainly is a bonus for them - is he just coming back from injury?


Nope 3 game ban for a red card


Typical. We never get lucky.


We have managed to avoid defeat against them at home for the whole Arsene Wenger tenure, so I’m not really sure it’s the best gauge like you’re talking about.


Still going :grinning:


Really need to win all of them before we face Liverpool.


People laughed when I said I want the full 24.

Half way there :henry2:


Considering the next fixtures, we could be just around the top by the time we face Liverpool.


We will beat Liverpool aswell. Unai already knows how to beat Klopp :unai:


Ahahah yeah! Klopp got completely outplayed in the 2016 Europa League final.


People still do :grin:


There’s no reason why we can’t get the full 24. None of the teams we’re playing over the 8 games should beat us.