Newcastle United Thread

Would have been a good coup to start the project


There’s a bald fraud in Milan who I’m sure would have no issues jumping ship.

If they’re taking Ross Barkley can they take some of our shitters too?



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Why would we sell the midfielder who most resembles Vieira? :sweat_smile:


Trust the Barcodes to get taken over when there is no clear restart for footballing normality to resume :joy:

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Yeah all them times they could of boycotted the stadium over Ashley. Now he’s fucked them off and there left with an empty ground to play in.

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So basically secretly they love him?! :smile:

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Wonder how long it takes for the Toon army to be more of a destination club than us ? 3-5 years ?

It’s been over 4 years since the Everton takeover, if that’s any measure.

They probs closer to Arsenal under Moyes tbh

Lol. We don’t even know if the Saudis will spend a penny yet.

Depends if they are more like Man City or Everton I suppose, or somewhere in the middle.

It took Man City 4 years to overtake us in the pecking order and they were coming from somewhere like Newcastle are. We were also actually a top side when city got taken over also.

I’d say they’re closer now as we’re both midtable, Everton were better under Moyes ( on the pitch not talent levels ) but we were actually a top side then.

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I reckon this is going to be a takeover more in the Chelsea/City mold than Everton…

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Bellerin at the toon @Phoebica.

In terms of spend Everton have been fucking on one in exactly the same way Chelsea/City were.

FFP environment doesn’t allow you to pump tons of cash into a club, long term you have to funnel it through a mix of legit and bogus sponsorships. The way Everton are doing is the only method plus there more competition at the top compared to when City and Chelsea bought their way in

Fair points of FFP and competition at the top.