New diesel and petrol vehicles to be banned from 2040 in UK


So potentially quite a dramatic shift in the future of motoring in the UK to come in over 20 years time.

I understand the phasing out of diesels after what’s happened on that front in the last few years, but there should still be a place for petrol cars imo. Petrol/Electric car combos i.e. Hybrids are a perfect medium, compared to an all out electric.

The world is getting more towards Electric, but I imagine for many it’s simply not going to be viable to be able to to afford to run an Electric car then, unless costs come down a lot more. Consumers should still be given a choice, rather than be limited to one type in the future.

Some will also argue of course that the actual process of building an electric car does more harm to the environment than a normal combustion car does in it’s life.

I think they’d be better off just banning certain vehicle types in major cities and leave it at that to start off with.



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Not surprised to read this since the French announced last week they be doing the same ban and Volvo will only build hybrid and elec cars from 2019.

We Carnt run on fossil fuels forever so we need to start looking at alternatives.


These bans aren’t necessary in reality. The market will take care of it imo like it always does. I think I read about Volvo switching production to all electric in the next few years. More will follow suit.

23 years to figure out how to generate enough electricity to power the majority of Britain’s (or whatever country) private and public vehicles, I’m not sure that’s enough time. Already there isn’t enough electricity to power homes and businesses in Britain and lots is imported. The obvious “solution” is nuclear and I think that’s what’s truly behind decisions such as this. The alternative might be a mini windmill in everyone’s back garden or solar panels on everyone’s roof but they’ll never enforce something like that.

I’m not sure long term this will be any better for the environment when all things are considered and factored in.


Hardly shock of the year me saying this, but the markets don’t always take care of things, just leaving things to the fate of the market can be ruinous.

The market hasn’t taken care of climate change/emissions yet, the market doesn’t take care of health care, the market hasn’t taken care of housing problems.

I think it’s clear that sometimes regulation is necessary.


The Fast and The Furious movies wont be the same


A bit too broad a statement on my part granted.

A better statement might be that the market has no choice but to take care of this. Failure to adapt means the industry would fail and faced with that they will do so with or without regulation.

Edit: I see you’ve added more. Climate change isn’t a market issue imo. If there was money in fixing it then they’d fix it. Housing is a social issue as is healthcare.

Of course regulation is good and needed and in some cases so obviously lacking. I’m just not sure this is one of those areas.


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A bit too broad a statement on my part granted.[/quote]
Fair play :+1:t3:

My knowledge of the automobile industry isn’t great (I don’t drive lol), but if there’s no regulation then what would force the industry to move towards alternative fuel sources? Are consumers that set against cars that run on petrol and diesel? If they keep producing them won’t people keep buying them, as they are now?


Pretty sure Elon Musk will have solved the world’s energy crisis and made interstellar travel both free and public by then, with the way Tesla is going.


I welcome this with open arms. I can’t wait for the death of petrol and diesel cars (sorry). We don’t have to ban F1!!! We can still have track days, just not on the roads.

I remember walking on the strand in London as they were preparing for St. Patricks day parade. All the roads were shut and no noise from traffic. It was pure bliss, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything like it. The soft purr of electric cars driving around making no offensive noise or pollution will be hugely fucking welcome and living on an arterial road in Bath I can’t fucking wait for the day.

We’ll make it work as a society. This is the future development I’m most excited about and cannot wait for, as well as increased space travel.


Lack of/price of oil in the future basically. There’s only one way that can go really in the long run. Companies like Volvo are getting ahead of the crowd and making the switch now. I don’t particularly want to switch to electric driving and not does anyone else really but if the choice is the same car and a fill up costing (potentially) half the price it’s a no brainer.

Another area regulation will be important is in how much they can charge at the electricity pump!


Charging up your car using electricity from a dirty great coal burning power station is hardly saving the planet and we’re a long way off being able to rely on renewables.

Until hydrogen fuel cells (and infrastructure) become widespread and affordable it’s all pretty pointless imo. Will be nice to power my house with my car though. And get a nice drink of water in the process.


As I work for one of Elon Musk’s projects, it is fair to say I love the news of late; cite Volvo and France.


We are fortunate being a small island. Building the infrastructure to support this, in theory, isn’t that hard at all.

But this is the UK, so it’ll likely be a decade late, and massively over budget.


I wonder what Trump will say about this. I mean he saved 80.000 jobs in the coal mines, just to stop 150.000 in the invironmental friendly alternatives.


I’m big fan of green energy solutions. Great move


I’d bring forward the total ban on diesel car production to 2030 and ramp up trade-in incentives in the meantime. Hybrids should still be encouraged as a gateway technology.

By 2030 the UK’s renewable generation should be way higher than the 25% it is today, with storage technology the only barrier to a true energy revolution in the home. By that time electric vehicles will be truly carbon-neutral post production

Also, well done the EU on its stance on nox emissions, should be lauded for it. :+1:


It sounds great but do we even have the production capacity for the amount of extra electricity required? Doesn’t it take years to build nuclear plants? I guess 23 years is probably long enough to sort it out but realistically a “ban” in 2040 would mean that most people should have transitioned years before then so the infrastructure will need to be there sooner.


Nuclear power isn’t something for the future either though. Wind and water seems to be what countries want to invest in mostly. On a windy day the whole of Denmarks needs of electricity can be supplied by wind. But 2040 seems very optimistic tbh.


Here in Norway it’s already well underway, on the road anywhere you’ll see a tide of Teslas. Nissan Leafs and eGolfs not to mention the huge amount of other marques available. Pretty much the entire postal service fleet is electric.

I read last week that the entire market share for EV’s in Norway for 2016 was around 29% doesn’t sound a lot but the next highest market share is Holland at 6%. It’s highly incentivised here, free use of the bus lanes, ferries between the outer island and across the fjords, they are new car tax exempt so actually affordable add to the fact there is a huge infrastructure in place for the charging point. You can literally go to one of the most remote points in the country and I’ll bet there’s at least one charging point.

They’ve also started running electric busses.