Netherlands pilot mixed gender teams

Leah Williamson is our new CB signing

Jill Roord the Ramsey replacement

Danielle Van De Donk + Aubameyang

I’d love this.


The disparity in physicality means that this will never take off above amateur level lol


That’s the spirit!

Nah, you’re right though.

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I’d love to see a mixed friendly though from both teams which would basically be Arsenal women + Tierney and Aubameyang :joy:

I am on board with this.
Seeing women getting schooled repeatedly is such a great fuel for my misogyny

Netherlands pilot?

It ain’t Bergkamp, is it?

He doesn’t fly, remember?


Can’t wait for all the drama from when they inevitably all start shagging around lol

The Only Way Is Made In Arsenal

Up The Arsenal

I doubt any of them would even make the youth teams haha


I’d love to see this on a friendly/exhibition level, it’d be a bit of fun and something new.

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I used to play a bit of football with girls when I was in 6th form and Uni and honestly from a technical standpoint there wasn’t a huge difference and it was good fun.

If the guys hold back a bit physically it’ll work just fine and there’ll probably be some really interesting dynamics at play. Will be interesting to see how tactics are affected by it as well.

Fuck that, body slams everywhere