Need help! Don't know how much to sell my TV for!

So I’m trying to flog my TV.

It’s a 40" Philips Ultra-Thin LED TV with Ambilight 8000 series from 2011 and cost almost £800.

Great knick, quality television, comes with an HDMI cable, power cord, remote, antenna cable and the original box.

Put it up on facebook marketplace for £80 and instantly got 3 offers, so I clearly had it set way too low. Going to put it up again for a new price, but what should I set it at? I really have no idea.


Any advice, greatly appreciated.

ebay and put a reserve on it? This way you get a minimum price for it, but could go higher…or is it that you hate auctions?

I’ve just never used eBay before and seems a bit of a faf for just one item that’s all! Could do with the money soonish as well really

You’re likely better off selling it local anyway as shipment and all that stuff for a TV is just stupid to deal with for the price you’re getting.

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I don’t know the price in UK, but here is U.S. at Target store, a brand new 55" Samsung 4K LED is only US$499
You probably need to adjust the price a bit when selling it.

Yeah but I was getting people practically begging at £80… I thought tvs are so cheap nowadays that noone would want to pay even that much!

good luck… these TVs are insanely cheap now…

I am looking for a 60/65"… found one and just 899…

You could use eBay and just list it as collection only. I’ve done it for larger items in the past with no hassle. Reckon you could get 150-170ish for it.

Trouble is people these days are looking to get UHD / 4K TV’s. So even though you paid bucks for yours, its technically running dated tech.