Name the team

New game, guess the team by nationalities and positions. Can also be an old team.

:star: Guess the correct team
:star: :star: Guess the correct season
:star: :star: :star: Guess the correct XI

Starting off fairly easy…

Use spoiler tags :slight_smile:


Easy one. How do I use spoiler tags on mobile?

yeah I also have no idea how to make spoilers lol

oh wait Milan. say 2003? oh, right, the lineup.

perhaps: Dida, Kaladze, Nesta, Costacourta, Maldini, Gatusso, Seedorf, Pirlo, Rui Costa, Pippo, Schevchenko

if that means I should go @SRCJJ can go, I know he knows this one as well, better than me lol


[spoiler ] SOMETHING [/ spoiler]

Yeah anyone who wins can make one of these :slight_smile: i have a couple lineups in reserves if someone doesn’t want to make the effort.

Haha go ahead bro I’ll let you take this.

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no you go, I just wanted to jump on it because I actually remember the team lol or you go Blink

@Bl1nk who’s the girl

Here’s the second one. Good luck guys.

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I thought Chelsea 04/05 but the keeper and striker don’t make sense.


I thought the same but 2003 but the defenders don’t match up :smiley:

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It’s the correct season. This wasn’t their strongest XI (cup game)

Ah i assumed this would be a recognised 11 type scenario. :slight_smile:

Planned to at first, but seeing as everyone has elite knowledge here I though I’d try and mix it up slightly. Might change back to recognised 11 if things become too hard :chester:

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I don’t even know where you’re making these things by the way so I’m probably not gonna do one. :slight_smile:

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This is a tough game lol

Thought Fulham because of the Serbian striker but the rest of the team doesn’t add up tbh