Name the film

Basketball diaries?

What’s eating Gilbert grape?

No and no

Catch me if you can?


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No and no.

Critters tho not sure which one


Come on people, why don’t you all know Leo’s back catalogue as well as I do?! :roll_eyes:

The Beach?

Romeo and Juliet?

No and no.

It’s got a good cast, so perhaps if I share another picture with others in it, that’ll help

Marvin’s Room??

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Yes, that’s right

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One flew over the cuckoo’s nest. (It’s a better book)

Someone take my turn. Gonna do an Iron Wolf workout


The pic doesn’t show so you have to click the link which gives away the answer… :grimacing:

I thought the pic was visible, it is to me at least… Nevermind.

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