Nacho Monreal

Full name: Ignacio Monreal Eraso

Date of birth 26 February 1986
Place of birth Pamplona, Spain
Height 1.78 m
Playing position Left back

Apparently he has said this, i hope he did and he (and the team) take heed. It is about time someone has the fucking balls to say it how it is:

“Primarily we need to be more consistent,” Monreal said .

“We are a team that is ambitious, that wants to win, that has a real hunger to win but we can change from one day to the next into a team that lacks those qualities.

“We must be more consistent and fight for everything from the first minute of the game until the last to ensure we get those three points. We have to improve.

“We’ve got a lot that’s really good. We have quality players but at times we are a bit complacent and maybe do lack that hunger.

“The team is going from strength to strength. There is always room to improve further, of course. Since the day I arrived at Arsenal the squad is growing and has got steadily stronger.

“It is very competitive and that pushes up standards. We are on the way up.

“Our biggest regret, of course, is not winning the title. It has been an a typical year. No one expected Leicester to achieve what they have.”

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That mentality comes directly from the manager.

Can’t really fault Nacho on consistency either. Pretty much always puts in a shift.

Nacho never deluded me, key man and most underrated player of our squad.

Is it just me or was he really bad today? Felt like most of their goals came from our left side


He really let us down today. Liverpool overrun him so easily.

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Didnt have an ounce of physicality in him today.

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Should’ve been one of the leaders out there particularity in terms of the youngsters in the back four but didn’t look up for it.

Shadow of himself last season today.

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He seems to be struggling quite a bit in the last couple of games. The way it’s going right now it could very well be his last season as a starter and he’ll have to take a step back and become more of a rotational option. Hopefully it’s just his form and not age that is holding him back, because when he’s doing well he’s one of the more consistent performers in the squad.


Why do you think he was bad tonight?

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He looks a bit past it. It’s a shame for such a great and reliable defender.

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Thought he was second best for most of the action happening down his wing. He had a stand-out moment when he troubled Di Maria on his way to goal, but apart from that he was comfortably troubled by pace and was left behind watching, more than it was defending.

He was not the only one though that didn’t play well, but in his case it’s just paired with the impression I had with some of the games before that he’s not doing quite as well as we’re used to.

Said it a few days ago but I want Gibbs to start if he’s fit. This season, it hasn’t worked so far and you have to ask if Father Time is finally catching up with him.

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Aurier completely destroyed him, it was like watching that Brock Lesnar John Cena match a few years ago

Guess you are happy for your boy Gibbo.

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Felt a little sorry for Nacho vs Psg, he got left hung our to dry by the boss, Wenger literally did nothing from what I could see to try and nullify the threat coming down their right hand side, he also got left a little exposed by Iwobi who as good as he is going forwards seems to switch off in our defensive third.

@SRCJJ it does look like father time is finally catching up with him, hopefully I’m wrong but it looks like he’s lost half a yard not only physically but mentally too.

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Iwobi didn’t helped him against PSG but his latest performances have been too bad. If Gibbs is fully fit, now will have the chance to send him on the bench and reconquer a shirt into the XI.

Gibbs is fucking awful though. :weary:

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Monreal has been very consistent for us for a long period of time… so one “not-so-good” game (even several) we are asking for Gibbs???