Nacho Monreal (18)


He was soo good in one on one situations yesterday it was unreal.


" We didn’t achieve our goal of finishing in the top 4, but we made up for the league by winning the cup" says all you need to know about the extent of our ambition.


First choice LCB then? Can also be Kolasinac’s backup with either Holding or Mustafi coming into that LCB role when needed


great depth tbh.


I think he’ll be very useful over the course of a season as LCB.


LCB suits him perfectly. Said this little while back, it’ll be like how Chelsea moved Azpilicueta there and transformed him. In a back three system you can afford to have a converted full back occupying one of the three, converting him into a ball playing CB. He’s also getting to an age where he wont be able to bomb up the flank week in week out.


What a goal line clearance. One of the best I’ve seen. Could of easily been an own goal.


Nacho Nacho man! What a clearance!


Our best defender. Incredible again tonight. You will have to go far to find a better goal line clearance all season.


Most underrated Arsenal player?


Not all heroes wear capes


Such a good footballer


Excellent again. A very underrated footballer.




Nacho, Nacho-man!


I was at that game I think, lost my 100% Nacho record :weary:


Said it on Monday and I’ll say it again our best defender. What a signing from Wenger. Remember in 14/15 where he was absolutely horrendous at CB?

LCB suits him to the ground. Becoming one of my favourite arsenal players


“The unlikely goalscorer” does it again.


Bloody love this man. Unsung hero.

Build him a statue.