Nacho Monreal (18)


Ricardo Rodriguez is a good offensive LB, a good solution for Chelsea instead of Alonso, but we need a LB with defensive qualities. I vote for Gaya, Grimaldo, Bernat or Theo Hernandez. A fully offensive LB, most underrated, i Patrick van Anholt.


Getting a player for Bayern would like winning the C.L., tbf.


Last season I thought he was one of our top 4 or 5 players, this season he simply is just nowhere near that level.


I thought Chelsea signed that Baba Rahman fella for left-back. He no good then?


Poor season. Solid player in the last few years especially last season, but struggling now. All that time playing behind the (usually) defensively poor Iwobi has had a damaging effect on his game. Don’t think this one can be attributed to coaching like a lot of other team issues. Slides can just happen.


Was loaned to Schalke.


Our opponents basically know how to exploit us: just attack Nacho.


Generally poor positionally throughout the first half - as were Gabriel and Mustafi - but he did prevent the damage by half time, when it really should’ve been 3-0 Preston.


Definitely needs to be replaced as well. Think his first half dive about summed up his season.


Seems to have lost that little pace he had. He’s a liability now, Gibbs needs to start on Saturday but Wenger is too damn loyal to his under performers so Monreal will be playing. I’d cash in on him come the summer, think his best days are behind him now. If Wenger leaves then I could see him leaving too.


So sad that Gibbs was not even good enough to be #1 in the beginning.


I think Injuries have let him down, you could say that about half our British players. Gibbs looks far more dangerous going forward to boot.


IMO, Gibbs “looks” more dangerous just because of his speed. Defensively not good in defensive positioning, offensively not even a decent crosser or passer.

Just like Bellerin, speed sometimes can cover your weakness. Well, since Monreal is in a slump, can’t be worse to play him a few games.


Its been a rapid decline over a 6 month period for Nacho.


Couldn’t agree more.


Monreal is another weak link .
Gibbs deserves a run in the team . Cracking little player .


Thanks for his precious performances, he is a good guy and a good & solid player, but we need a much better LB than him.


Simply not good enough. Another hyped up player . Not got that winning mentality this club is desperate for .


We signed him and he wasn’t good enough. Then he was good enough. Now he isn’t. Time to move on I think despite my fondness for him


His legs are gone, I think the two seasons before this one he was one of the better left backs in the PL. This season though he’s clearly out of his depth and poor Gibbs puts in good performances and is over looked cause Wenger damn loyalty to his players instead of been ruthless like the best managers are. If Wenger goes I could see Monreal leaving with him.