Nacho Monreal (18)


Just wanted to take the piss :mustafi:


Is that true that Monreal was runner up best player of the season?
That’s amazing.
He would struggle to make the first team of any of the other top clubs in the PL, and he’s one of our best players.


I’m not sure I really did much to provoke that challenge to a fight Luca pal haha

Edit: sorry, what I meant to say was, I’m nae sure ah pure did muckle tae provoke that challenge tae a rammy Luca pal haha


Although that is true, it’s not really a strong argument for why he shouldn’t be rated at the top end of the scale in terms of our player performances last season, given that most of our players would struggle to get into any of the other top clubs’ starting line ups. Our entire defence wouldn’t stand a chance at Leicester, let alone Chelsea or City!


That’s true :grinning:


Is that actually true that Monreal came 2nd in our player of the season last year ? Hahahahahahahahah


My bad. I misunderstood you for that scottish ;). Terrible offence!


He is not outstanding, especially he does not have the speed and flash that can catch people’s eyes, but he is still a solid player that can start for many teams.


I’m not sure he would be a regular for a top four club but he is possibly our best defender and is also versatile, which is another advantage.

But for a club that is one of the richest in Europe it is not great that a player like Monreal is our best defender.


He was the best defender last season… no way we should pick on our best defender.


Haters gonna hate…


Best striker until Auba came in too :laughing:


Best performer in the club the last couple of years. Fantastic personality too, non of that hipster vegan lyfe style.


King :unai: wants him to stay :wink:


Fair play to him, he has been great this season and seems to be everything Emery wants in a LB.

Keep it up Nacho :+1:


Where the fuck is this guy?


He’s back. Was probably too early this game


So apparently his contract is also up at the end of the season. This one somewhat got swept under the carpet for me. I take it he’s another we’ll be binning off come season end?


We should give him a year extension using him more sparingly sometimes at CB and bring in a bona fide LB.

Kola is not the guy.